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Nitecore kicked off Summer with a couple of new releases. They announced a new Tiny Monster, an Ultraviolet contender and the GT version of one of our favorite flashlights.

Nitecore TM03

Starting off the summer with a new Tiny Monster, Nitecore's TM03, which is actually tiny compared to all of the other models in the Tiny Monster category. The TM03 only has one 18650 battery but still shines 2800 lumens but only throws 289 meters. This is also the first Tiny Monster that could actually be used in a tactical situation. Both the power and switch buttons are on the tail giving the user a single grip for using this flashlight. Get your Nitecore TM03 today for just $129.95.

Nitecore also announced a new ultraviolet light. Don't know why you would want an ultraviolet flashlight? Read our article on the uses of ultraviolet flashlights. However, if you know you need a UV flashlight, then the Nitecore MT1U might what you need.

Nitecore MT1U

The MT1U is a dedicated UV flashlight which shoots 900mW of radiant 365nm light. Whether you are inspecting hotel rooms, looking for scorpions or checking $20 bills, the MT1U will light everything up like the movie Tron. We look forward to sending many of these flashlights to Arizona and all of the CSI departments around the United States.

For $79.95 before discount codes, you can preorder the MT1U now! Shipments start on the 28th of June, same day as the new EC4GT just down there!

Nitecore EC4GT

Nitecore's last announcement was the EC4GT. We kept one of the EC4GT Limited Editions for ourselves because we love it so much, but we are very happy they are making more EC4GTs for everyone to have. Like the EC4, the EC4GT fits just right in your hands. However, Nitecore added some serious throw to this flashlight. And since it has two 18650s in the battery chamber you will have usable light for hours. The EC4GT will also throw light out to 475 meters. That's 153 meters further than the original EC4. We promise, you want an EC4GT when they finally come out.

For the low price of $64.95, you can preorder a black-bezeled EC4GT now! Like the limited editions, these are gonna go fast.

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