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Nitecore has recently released four new flashlights: The MT06MT21AMH10, and the MH12. The MT06 is a new pen light, which fits nicely in a shirt pocket. The MT21A is a new member of the MultiTask line. To round out the release, Nitecore introduces the MH10 and MH12 which are upgrades to a couple of classics. 

NITECORE MT06 - 165 LUMENS - CREE XQ-E R2 LED - AAA X2Nitecore's MT06 has a 165 lumen count, powered by two AAA batteries. The two modes, high and low, are cycled through by clicking either halfway, or two seconds after it is turned off. The clip on it makes sliding the five inch pen light in or on to a pocket quite easy.

The MT21A has a max of 260 lumens, which is showcased in turbo mode, the default when the bezel is fully tightened. After you put in the two AA batteries, this light is ready for action. Loosening the bezel gets you out of turbo mode and into normal mode. In normal mode you cycle through high, medium, low and strobe modes by clicking the tail cap button.

We are very excited about the MH10 and MH12. Nitecore brings their excellent mini-USB charging ports to lights that are very similar to the P10 and P12. Powered by 18650 batteries and utilizing CREE's XM-L2 U2 LEDs these lights are sure to impress. The MH10's U2 LED is a significant upgrade over it's older brother the P10 which had the venerable XM-L2 T6. 

We think all of these lights are great choices to illuminate the darkness on your next outing.

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