Nitecore EC11 released

Posted by Christian Fyffe on

Today, Nitecore has announced the EC11 has been released. It is new to the Explorer series, which allows you to go out in the dark places of the world for pleasure. It is our joy to say you may go about to see those places, and more, with the EC11.

Nitecore EC11 - 300 lumens - CREE XM-L2 U2 LED - CR123A x1An upgrade and replacement to the EC1, this small flashlight has two buttons similar to the EC21 which came out in November 2014, making the EC11 the little brother. The EC11 takes one CR123A battery, and has a max lumen count of 300, which comes from CREE's XM-L2 U2 LED. As well, the five brightness modes go from very low to very high, with a red LED for keeping your night vision.

We are looking forward to stories of what can and will be done with this little guy, and believe you'll enjoy it too.

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