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When you carry a flashlight every day, there are a couple of ways you can carry it. In a holster on your belt, in a toolbox, or in your pocket. If you are carrying the light in your pocket, then you don't want it hanging out of your pocket banging around. This is where the deep pocket carry clips help. These type of clips ensure all of the flashlight is inside of your pocket.Nitecore EA11 These are the best choices for deep pocket carry we have found, and think you'll agree. 

The best choice for every day deep pocket carry is the Nitecore EA11. Two buttons allow you to turn it on and off, and change modes easily. The clip is placed near the tailcap so that the body is concealed almost entirely. It is also quite bright for its size, having 900 lumens while powered by just one 14500 battery. To say pulling an EA11 out of black pants pockets would be like magic is not too inaccurate.

Olight's M18 Striker is the second best choice you can make when it comes to DPC, having a bit of the head sticking out. However, this is not always a bad thing. The inch of grip allowed because of it makes for an easy extraction. Using an M18 Striker's 800 lumen beam will make Olight M18 Strikerfor a good disorienting tactic, and the crenelated bezel works as a last resort blunt object.

Fenix's PD22 is a great example of what makes the entire brand really stand out. The make of a PD22 is sturdy and pleasing to the eye, able to fit comfortably in pockets more than most flashlights by being powered by one CR123A. The clip is strong enough to not break Fenix PD22unless you plan to stretch it well passed the tolerance point. The beam is also useful for looking into any dark cracks in the wall or server room.

The reason Jetbeam's SSC20 stands out is the battery selection and high Jetbeam SSC20lumen count in the series. A staple is that the clips are all screwed on, making for a secure grip no matter where on your pocket you attach a member of the SS series, compared to other members of this list who have clips that snap on.

The MicroStream is able to slip into any pocket snugly and won't fall out easily. The clip is placed in such a way that it will grasp fabric easily without any need for adjustment. Removing the MicroStream from your pocket or hat will be just as easy, as will battery replacement.

Do you not see an entry you agree with? Check out our DPC flashlight collection, and tell us which you think is a better choice by buying or reviewing them, here or on Twitter.

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