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Best Light is happy to supply you with batteries for your flashlights, which can be rechargeable or single-use. Two examples would be Nitecore's RCR123A, also known as a 16340, and SureFire's CR123A batteries. The only visible tradeoff for this is mAh, or milliAmp hours. These are how long it takes for a flashlight to drain your battery. The CR123A from SureFire gives 1300mAh once through its use life, while Nitecore's RCR123A's 650mAh can be recharged up to five hundred times.

Some flashlights have information saying that you can use li-ion, NiMH or NiCd batteries with them. Li-ion, or lithium-ion, batteries have been gaining in SureFire CR123A 1300mAh popularity since they're able to recharged more often, and some would say are just inherently better, than alkaline batteries. Those are the kind you buy in grocery stores.

Nickel-metal hydride and nickel-cadmium batteries are related more to li-ion than alkaline batteries, both being rechargeable. They also have less mAh than their single-use cousins, but have many more applications for use, thanks to their builds. If your flashlight can take a NiMH or NiCd battery in place of a standard issue single-use one, but not li-ion, your local hardware store is a good place to start looking.

In the battery product pages, and sometimes on the flashlight product page as well, you will see that there is a protection circuit listed. These are to make sure the batteries are used safely, and have more than one use.


  • Accidental reverse slotting protection
  • Keeping the battery from leaking
  • Rust protection
  • Making sure the battery does not explode

      Just because it is not something that will happen every day does not mean the suppliers of flashlights and batteries haven't taken into account the safety of all handlers. Keeping you healthy, happy, and protecting your investment of a flashlight is a priority of Best Light's, and Terralux 18650 2900mAhwe aim to ensure no customer goes without a quality light when the sun goes down, or you go into a dark room.

      Some flashlights available will have batteries included. However, these are not the norm. A good majority of flashlights will be delivered without a battery.

      Please note, we do not carry any types of batteries categorized as alkaline. Also, please don't try to use any of these batteries in alarm systems, burglar or smoke, if you find yourself not needing it immediately on opening your package. They won't last very long and aren't made for such use in the first place.

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