Klarus ST15 release

Posted by Christian Fyffe on

New to the outdoor line of Klarus products, the ST15 has two switches, tailcap for power and side for modes. With the powerful XP-L HI V3 LED, it shoots out 1100 lumens to 305 meters for an approximate 1 hour and change*. You can stand the ST15 on its tailcap, using it as a candle inside a tent or under the trees.

Unlike most flashlights, the lanyard hole is on the outside of the ST15's tailcap. Apart from letting you actually tailstand the light effectively, the outside lanyard hole is easier to loop through. After you get a battery in it, the ST15's side switch also acts as a power indicator, going from green to red and flashing to tell you how much energy is left in the battery.

Klarus ST15

* = total runtime on Turbo was tested to 1 hour 45 minutes, but temperature stepdowns and power drops from continuous use will lower the actual runtime, depending on environment and battery used

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