BC30R Clearance Sale!

Posted by Christian Fyffe on

Hello, everyone! Welcome to's BC30R Clearance Sale! We've got only a small amount of these great bike lights in stock and you'll find them an excellent investment! The BC30R has the power supply installed in a closed casing, so you won't have to worry about purchasing extra batteries. With a solo power button and two mode switching buttons, finding the brightness that works for your situation is easy as clicking a mouse.

The dual distance beam system built into the lens shows off both the road in front of you, and in front of your tire(s). Wanna be sure that you're not about to run into a crack that looks vague from afar? Check out what that thing you're about to ride passed is? Or just look down off the curb to be sure nothing sharp awaits you. The BC30R is able to make your morning and evening commutes much easier!

Just use BC30RCLEARANCE at checkout to get 15% off this amazing bike light!

But you'd better hurry. There are only 5 units left!

This announcement will be edited to reflect the closing of the discount code following the closing tweet.

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