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Today, we have lights from different manufacturers to announce! To start, we look at Fenix's newest upgrade.

Fenix TK15UE grey

The TK15UE, available in grey and black, has a tailcap power switch and side mode switch, powered by an 18650 or 2 CR123As (batteries not included). With the XP-L HI V3 LED set in a smooth reflector, this light shoots 1000 lumens out to 325 meters for a total 2 hours. Integrated regulation makes it step down a mode after a few minutes use to keep from overheating though. It also has an integrated strike bezel.

This is a tactical flashlight made to go on a law enforcement officer's belt. The TK15UE is simple to operate and useful for sweeping areas in a few seconds. The momentary-on lets you keep the beam on as long as you need and no longer, while also being silent as opposed to the full activation's click.

Olight R50 Seeker

Next is Olight's new Seeker. The R50 Seeker shoots 2500 lumens out to 297 meters while flooding that area shown off for up to 2 minutes before stepping down. Powered by an included 26650, the R50 Seeker is rechargeable from a tailcap port. It only has the one side switch to control all functions, so Olight built a few shortcuts in. The three normal modes can be run through by holding the switch. Quickly click it twice to enter Turbo, and three times to turn on Strobe.

This R50 Seeker is made for search & rescue personnel and law enforcement officers, but you can also use it to see what might be lurking in the shadows of your yard. Throw the beam around to see what caused that rattling sound and inspect the side of your house from afar, or just over your porch's railing.

And lastly, SUNWAYMAN's T16R! These tiny lights run an R(or)CR123A (not included) to shoot 380 lumens out a currently unknown distance. The XM-L2 U3 LED covered by a convex lens will cover a wide area though. It uses a side switch as well for all functions, but the odd part is that it uses a half-press to turn on/off while the full clicks change modes.

Being so small and using those batteries, the T16R is an everyday carry light. Yes it will show off most of wherever you point it at, but this tiny light is not one to use for more than traversing a dark basement or walking the dog at night and you're entering a part of the neighborhood without any street lamps.

What do you think of these lights? Looking forward to one or all of them? Let us know on Twitter, or email us, or call us if you want!

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