New Tactical Rechargeable Light: Nitecore R25

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Nitecore just released the new R25. The R25 is a rechargeable flashlight that is purpose built for tactical situations. It comes with a charging dock that can be mounted on a wall or in a car, which means the light is always ready to go. It has instant access to Strobe mode by holding down the mode switch button. The mode switch button is on the tail next to the power button which means you only need one grip to operate this flashlight.

Nitecore R25 Tactical Rechargeable Flashlight with charging dock

The R25 uses the CREE XP-L HI v3 LED to produce a maximum of 800 lumens with an outstanding throw of 321m. It has four modes of Strobe, High, Medium and Low. You can program the R25 to operate in three different mode groups. The Tactical group gives you Strobe and High only. The Law Enforcement group gives you Strobe, High and Medium. And last, the General group gives you Strobe, High, Medium and Low.

Nitecore includes a specialized battery. The NL188DW battery is an 18650 that produces 3.7V with a 3200mAh capacity. This is the only battery that is rechargeable in the included dock. You can use any other 18650 or 2x CR123A in the flashlight, but the charging dock will not charge those other batteries. There is an LED indicator light on the flashlight that informs you that the battery is not charging when you have a normal 18650 or 2 CR123A batteries in the flashlight.

The R25 is now available for preorder purchase! You may click the blue name to see its page in full, or this blue button to add the R25 to your cart now.

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