Jetbeam RRT-21 Review

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A solid feel in the hand, with a good weight and smooth handle, the Jetbeam RRT-21 is able to send a good beam downrange with no problems. While turning the ring from high to low, standby, then strobe and back can be time consuming, it is by no means a bad design choice.JETBEAM RRT-21 - 460 LUMENS - CREE XM-L T6 LED - R(OR)CR123A X2 OR 18650 X1 You need to click the strong endcap button in order for the light to come on, and the rotating ring is fairly slick. The clip that comes attached is also sturdy, and won't fail unless you give it quite some abuse.


  • Maximum output: 460 lumens
  • Reflector: Aluminum reflector
  • Lens: Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Material: Aero grade aluminum alloy
  • Finish: Type III military grade hard-anodized
  • Battery: CR123A x2/RCR123A x2/18650 Li-ion x1
  • Switch: Forward clicky
  • Weight: 137g
  • Dimensions: Head diameter: 34mm
    Tube diameter: 23mm
    Total length: 143mm

Product Context

The shape and feel of the RRT-21 is easy to get used to. As well, switching grips to use the button or ring is simple, so there is no way you'll be frustrated with Jetbeam's offering from their Rapid Response Tactical line of flashlights.

The easily adjustable light settings can illuminate a fair distance, and will not disappoint many users. There are brighter flashlights, but most of them also have predetermined modes of use.Jetbeam RRT-21 reflector Jetbeam's RRT line's ring control makes for, after a bit of testing, a solid range of shine, from being able to read in your bed in the dark without irritating your eyes too much, to illuminating your path down a dirt road. The RRT-21 will be a great help for many things you can do.

Key Features

The Jetbeam RRT-21 has a two step process of turning on: clicking the tailcap button, then turning the ring just under the bezel to your desired brightness, or strobe. Turning off is one or two steps, depending on if you want to keep a certain lumen count for when you use it again or not.

One 18650 battery lasts the flashlight for over three hours, on high. There are quite a few things one can do with a handheld flashlight that lasts this long, and the time expands exponentially as you lower the brightness setting.


Made from aluminum alloy, the RRT-21 has a hard-anodized finish, making it resistant to punishment. The Jetbeam RRT-21 with lanyardpentagonal section keeps the flashlight from rolling quite well, along with the clip attached.

The bezel and tailcap are sturdy enough to stand your RRT-21 on either end, though if you do use the U-shaped tailcap, it will be more prone to falling over at a light touch. There's also a small hole for a lanyard to be slipped through, making sure the RRT-21 doesn't fall entirely from your grasp if knocked loose.

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