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Sleek and easy to hold, Nitecore's SRT7 is an excellent flashlight for many occasions. You can use it as a normal torch, or switch to a different mode to specialize it a bit. Differently colored LEDs make for different uses, after all.

The smart selector ring (SSR) of the SmartRing Tactical series is easy to slide, ratcheting into different modes easily. When dimming or increasing the SRT7's brightness, there is quite a range of illumination open to you. You can slowly move it to be closer to your desired setting, or turn it as if blinking to where you can see as far as possible. There are even two strobe options, one normal white and the other a police strobe, and a slow flash location beacon. The possibilities of use are very open to you.


Nitecore SRT7 fully kittedThe SRT7 is machined from aerospace-grade aluminum, given a hard-anodized finish (black or grey), and knurled grips for a solid hold. Further, Nitecore has made the SRT7 able to survive falling over three feet easily, and it can survive under water up to six feet deep for well over thirty minutes.

The tailcap is U-shaped, meaning it can stand and act as a candle easily. The forward clicky switch is solid, but doesn't take too much strength to turn on. The SSR is also a stable holding point, making one-handed operation of your SRT7 very easy.


The SRT7 can be adjusted between 0.1 to 960 lumens easily, followed by a blinding strobe. The CREE XM-L2 T6 LED is among the top LEDs available. The three colored LEDs are embedded into Nitecore SRT7 reflector and colored LEDthe reflector. The SRT7's color options are red, green and blue. They are excellent for keeping night vision high, reading maps, or finding some lost things that might not be visible in normal white light. 

Nitecore has opted to allow the SRT7 to be powered by either two CR123As, or one 18650 rechargeable battery. Taking the SRT7 with you on any trip will make it quite a bit brighter, and perhaps you'll find a use we haven't mentioned before. Anyone feel like some scary stories?

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