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Klarus is always happy to supply you with quality flashlights, especially when your plan is to go out into the woods. The RS20 is one of their products able to handle the rigors of a trek through quite easily. And that's without putting it in a holster or pocket.

With a two button set up, going with the two LED choices, the RS20 from Klarus is a fine camping tool. It can be hung by a rope through the lanyard slot of the tailcap in a tent, lighting up the area inside without having to buy a bulky lantern that takes stupid amounts of batteries. You will definitely enjoy using this flashlight while out on a trail. The RS20 is bright, easy to hold, and won't let you down for hours, even on the highest setting of 1050 lumens.

Key Features

The handle of the RS20 is knurled, meaning it is easier to keep a grip steady when holding it. Even the sweat of traveling a while at night will not let this flashlight fall from your hand. The very same holster that keeps the RS20 on your bag or belt can also be clipped closer to the front, allowing the side-set CREE XP-G2 R5 LED to shine on your path without having to be held in front of you. This might be the way you use Klarus's RS20 more often, as Klarus RS20 secondary LED, which can act as a lampnot needing to aim it by hand will free you to do other things, such as lift logs and set up tents.

Turning on the RS20 is done by holding either power button down for a second, as just tapping it will be a momentary flash, or full off. The mode selection is the same, with tapping the first power button twice turning on the CREE XM-L2 U2 LED's strobe, which acts more like a very fast SOS mode. A normal SOS mode is turned on by holding the power button down in strobe. Tapping the side LED's power button turns on a location beacon mode.

Product Content

Klarus's RS20 is made from aerograde aluminum, hard-anodized with grey finish. The crenelated stainless steel bezel keeps the front from being damaged by falls onto most surfaces. It is also rated IPX8, able to survive trips in water almost indefinitely. We wouldn't recommend letting the RS20 drop, though, with the charging port being exposed to the elements.
Klarus RS20 front LED
The RS20 is powered by either one 18650 or two CR123As. Klarus adds a little extra to the retail box by including their own 18650 battery. Klarus advises owners not to charge with a standard 18650, it will damage the RS20.

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