Nitecore D4 digicharger review

Posted by Christian Fyffe on

Nitecore's D4 comes equipped with a digital LCD screen, separated into sections that detail what mode the charger is in, how much battery life is in each charging slot, the amount of voltage in each battery, as well as something quite brilliant. The D4's charging slots have adjustable negative sides, meaning you can fit a battery as small as a RCR123A to as big as a C, and everything in between. They also charge independently of each other, meaning a battery can be empty and slotted in while another is almost finished charging, and the nearly full one won't interfere with...

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Nitecore P12 Review

Posted by Randall Adams on

The Nitecore P12 is above average value at a fair price. With strobe mode, outstanding durability, and water resistance the P12 is one of the best tactical flashlight in its class.

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