AceBeam is our hottest new manufacturer. They provide some of the best lights for any situation. If you're looking to illuminate areas from your porch, we have a couple options for you.

To hit the tree line two houses over, the K70 is your best choice. It shoots a beam out to 1.3 kilometers, a distance no other flashlight can match. Using 4 high-drain 18650s, the K70 is large enough to need either the belt holster or a bag to carry it around when not in use. Take this spotlight out to show off that speck in the distance that you can just swear is there, to see what's waiting in the treetops before it takes off, or even just how far someone really is from you. The K70 will let you see in the dark to a distance unmatched by any other flashlight.

If you just want to see the area without having to turn your head much, the EC50 Gen II is your best bet. With an easy to understand interface, this neutral warm beam doesn't shoot very far but it shows off your immediate area from one peripheral to the other just as well as your eyes.