Bike lights

We carry the top of the line bike lights available on the market today. These lights are made by flashlight manufacturers who provide lights for police officers, the military, hunters, hikers, and industrial uses. In other words, these lights are nearly indestructible. They are good for both road and mountain biking.

These lights have excellent LED emitters that throw a longer wider beam in illuminating a greater area than a typical bike light. They start at 400 lumens and go all the way up to eye-melting 1800 lumens. Be sure to not blind oncoming drivers!

Tired of replacing your batteries every other week? Most of our lights use rechargeable lithium ion batteries. For some of the lights you will need to buy a separate charger like the Nitecore i2. Other lights have a charger built in like the Fenix BC30R. A couple of the lights have a battery pack like the Niteye B10 or B20 which gives you even longer times between charges. Check out our full collection below.