Nitecore EH1 - 260 lumens - CREE XP-G2 S3 LED - 18650 x2

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The EH1 is Nitecore's newest headlamp, able to go into hazardous areas and not set the area ablaze with its beam. Normal flashlights have a chance of turning toxic gases into explosions. Not this headlamp, in any variation. Each has their better performing area.

Someone walking through a dark building at night, needing to see where people might be hiding or have dropped something while on patrol? They'd have more use for the Cool version, which is an LED color temperature you'll be familiar with from most of our other products. This light tints an area slightly bluer than the rest.

A camper out looking for pictures of the forest at night, whether for a job or on their own time, needs a light like the sun instead of the moon, which can sometimes not work well for a shot. Their preferred version would be the Neutral version, uncommon among most flashlights.

Firefighters, police officers and public safety workers at night, in the fog and haze. Are your standard issue lights not cutting it? Do they get sent back into your face by weather conditions? You'll want the Warm version, which cuts through fog and haze without tinting everything blue. You'd be familiar with this beam from some of the lights in your home, which tint a room slightly orange.

Any version of the EH1 is able to also go into a hazardous area where the fumes of chemicals or mining operations might obstruct the beam, or turn them even more hazardous to your health, without any danger. If the EH1 is somehow detached from your head, you don't need to worry about impact damage. It'll take 6 feet to fall before more than paint scratches occur. The EH1 is also dust- and waterproofed, rated IP68. This means that those same fumes won't be able to get in through the seams of the EH1, and it'll stay working down to -6 feet of water almost indefinitely. Included in every order are 2 3400mAh 18650 batteries.


  • Explosion-proof design ideal for high risk industries like mining and chemical industries
  • Constructed from durable polycarbonate materials for enhanced impact and flame resistance
  • Smooth metal reflector ensures maximum throw distance
  • Available with 3 different LED color temperatures
    Cool White (5500K): Provides a cleaner, clearer view, ideal for hospitals and warehouses. Extremely common amongst LED lights.
    Neutral White (4500K): Smooth, diffused output closer to the color of natural daylight, making it better for photography or use in natural environments.
    Warm White (3500K): Able to effectively penetrate fog, smoke, and haze, best suited for firefighting and other public safety professions.
  • Equipped with four Red LEDs that can produce constant or flashing red light
  • Red LEDs also double as a power indicator and low battery alert
  • Features specialized SOS Mode and Location Beacon outputs for emergency situations
  • Easy-to-use single switch interface makes operation a breeze
  • While light is OFF, press switch to enter High output, press again to switch to Medium, then Low, then OFF
  • While light is ON, press and hold switch for 1 second to enter SOS Mode, press again to enter Location Beacon, and again to deactivate light
  • While light is OFF, press and hold switch for 3 seconds to activate constant red light, press again to switch to flashing red, and again to deactivate light
  • Internal battery pack (6800mAh for EH1, 3400mAh for EH1S) provides extensive runtime
  • Unique magnetic charging port allows user to charge headlamp via included USB charging cable
  • Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) Technology prevents light from overheating from extended use or environmental conditions


  • LED: 1 CREE XP-G2 S3 LED, 4 red LEDs
  • Power: 2 3400mAh 18650 Batteries (Included)
  • IP Rating: IP68 (Dustproof, Waterproof and submersible to -2 meters)
  • Impact Resistance: 1.8 meters (5.91 feet)
  • EX Mark: Explosion Group IIB, Temperature Class T5 (100° C)
  • Operating Temperature: -20° C to 40° C (-4° F to 104° F)
  • Output modes:
    High: 260 lumens/10hr
    Medium: 65 lumens/40hr
    Low: 22 lumens/120hr
    Red: 3 lumens/140hr
  • Peak Beam Distance: 205m
  • Peak Beam Intensity: 10,500cd
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 3.27" (83mm)
    Width: 2.76" (70mm)
    Height: 2.05" (52mm)
  • Weight: 6.73oz (191g)

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