Olight X7 Marauder - 9000 lumens - CREE XHP70 LED - 18650 x4

  • 19995

The X7 Marauder. Able to shoot 9000 lumens out to 313 meters, while not a spotlight for distance, it is certainly able to flood an area with light from 3 XHP70 LEDs and 4 18650s. The batteries are kept in a "soda can" sized body that keeps them from rattling. The X7 Marauder features a custom designed orange peel reflector to create the perfect beam pattern for logical and realistic use.

Olight's X7 Marauder has 6 modes of various brightness levels going all the way down to 3 lumens which mimics a small keychain flashlight. The 9000 lumen setting provides a sensation of daylight when activated in a pitch black environment, though a bit of disorientation may occur if used suddenly. The X7 Marauder features an active thermal management system. The circuit detects the light's internal temperature in real time to prevent overheating to the user's hand and the X7 Marauder's body.

While supplies last, you may also buy the X7 Marauder with a full kit of 4 3500mAh 18650s and four-slot battery charger. This allows you to take the light out for longer periods, as the dedicated batteries for it are easy to distinguish and fully charge overnight.


  • Manufacturer's page: Olight X7 Marauder
  • Uses 3 CREE XHP70 LEDs with a total of 12 light-emitting cores
  • Powered by 4 18650 rechargeable lithium batteries of high discharging rate, providing up to 3,000 lumens of output with three hours of run-time
  • Comfortable hand gripping experience given by large square textures on the flashlight body
  • Low-voltage indicator monitors the battery power level while the light is on, which will glow red when the battery power is running low
  • Active Thermal Management: MCU detects the flashlight temperature through the internal thermal sensor in real time, and prevents overheating by reducing the output


  • Output modes:
    Level 1: 9000 lumens > 1800 lumens/2.5min > 200min
    Level 2: 5500 lumens > 1800 lumens/8min > 215min
    Level 3: 3000 lumens > 1800 lumens/32min > 200min
    Level 4: 1000 lumens/6hr 30min
    Level 5: 300 lumens/18hr
    Level 6: 3 lumens/30 days
  • Max Beam Distance: 313m/1026ft
  • Max Beam Intensity: 24500cd
  • Compatible Batteries: 4x 18650s with High Discharge Current for reaching maximum level
  • Waterproofing: IPX8 (-2m underwater)
  • Weight: 472g/16.64oz
  • Length x Body Diameter: 127 x 52mm/5 x 2.04in.

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