Nitecore i4000R - 4400 lumens - CREE XP-L V6 LEDs - 21700 x1

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This light's included proprietary 21700 5000mAh battery powers the 4 CREE XP-L V6 LEDs to shoot up to 4400 lumens out to 230 meters. This allows you to see the length of a full stadium's seating, including football field. When you want to focus on closer objects, the mode switch allows you to use the other brightness levels. That switch is just under the power button on the tailcap.

The i4000R is machined from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy, with only a few areas of knurling. The body has been given a military-grade hard anodized finish, allowing your bare hands to hold it without being rubbed raw over long periods.


  • Manufacturer's page: Nitecore i4000R
  • Utilizes 4x CREE XP-L V6 LEDs
  • Optical system combined with crystal coating and PDOT
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit
  • Dual tail switches enable intuitive operation for tactical applications
  • Strobe uses randomly changing frequencies for stronger dizzying effects
  • Intelligent Li-Ion battery charging circuit with USB-C port
  • Nitecore 21700 Li-Ion battery included (NL2150HPi 5000mAh)
  • Dual indicators for battery power and voltage
  • Incorporated ATR module
  • Optical lenses with double-sided scratch-resistant coating
  • Constructed from aerospace-grade aluminum alloy
  • HAIII military-grade hard-anodized finish


  • Output modes:
    Turbo*: 4400 lumens/30min**; 230m; 13300cd
    High: 1100 lumens/2hr 15min; 115m; 3330cd
    Medium: 330 lumens/7hr 45min; 61m; 930cd
    Low: 50 lumens/40hr; 25m; 160cd
    Ultralow: 2 lumens/380hr; 4m; 4cd
  • Impact resistance: 1m
  • IP Rating: 68, dustproof/waterproof to -2m
  • LED: 4x CREE XP-L2 V6
  • Reflector: SMO
  • Battery: 2x CR123A, 1x 21700i
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 159mm/6.25in.
    Head Size: 32.6mm/1.28in.
  • Weight: 135g/4.76oz

* = Turbo mode is only accessibly when using Nitecore i Series 21700 batteries, not any other compatible battery type
** = Turbo runtime was tested in a lab without temperature regulation, actual runtime may vary depending on use conditions

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