Head lamps

Able to slip onto your skull, these flashlights are more than able to travel with you wherever you go. Be it a pleasurable hike in the mountains, or a business dive into caves, under earth or water, no area is a bad place for a headlamp.

Pelican is the finest maker of headlights that can survive for long stays underwater, but they work just as well above ground and in hand. Streamlight has a few interesting gimmicks with their products in this collection, with ratcheting joints in a couple and a small handheld flashlight that can also clip onto a hat bill. Olight's H Wave series is able to use an infrared light to detect a waving hand, turning on and off quickly and simply.

While the other brands focus on headband-bound products, they're not to be dismissed. Some are able to light up a room just as ably as a normal flashlight, a couple can be held like such, and there are a few which need battery packs to shower an area in bright light.