With a diverse selection of products, Klarus isn't afraid to experiment with the formula. Whether that's the one everyone else is using or their own is up to you to decide. A good example of this would be the BK30, a rechargeable bike light with three LEDs, two of which swivel. You can't control the swiveling lights separately, but it is still one of the most interesting bike lights you'll find on the market.

There's also the AR10, with its own swiveling head on a traditional 18650x1 body. Clipping it to your shirt or belt will allow you to light the way without having to wear a bulky headlamp or hold a lantern or spotlight for hours on end. And since its rechargeable, going around for days with it is a viable plan.

These are two of the more recent ways Klarus has broken off the established path. While some of their other offerings aren't as adventurous in design, these are still flashlights that are tried and tested against the elements. And the elements were found wanting.