AbraKedavra Battery Bundles

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Getting a new flashlight and need a charger and batteries for it? Then you want one of our AbraKedavra Battery Bundles. There are three bundle configurations depending on your expected usage. Each bundle has their own magical advantages for saving you money and pairs with of any of our 18650 flashlights. Also, all three chargers can also charge other rechargeable batteries.

Just the Basics - $15.99

Made for those who are just starting out and is the least expensive. "Just the Basics" comes with an XTAR MC1 battery charger and an Olight 18650, 2600mAh

Basics Pro - $44.99

The Basics Pro set is a Nitecore UM10, and two high end Nitecore 18650, 3100mAh batteries. This setup allows you to charge one battery while using the other. Great for someone that is always on the go.

Pro - $74.99

The most magical option comes with a Nitecore i2 charger and three top of the line Nitecore 18650, 3400mAh batteries. While the display is very simple, keeping all three batteries useable is well within reach. This bundle is made for those who are using multiple batteries per day. Two charge while the third is in your light.

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