As one of the most popular brands, Nitecore has had a lot of people talking about them, good and bad. They've been around the block so often it is hard to imagine a time when Nitecore wasn't a name known to nearly everyone looking for a flashlight. Do you know them for being one of your favorite brands, if on the expensive side? Or does your experience with Nitecore mean wasted money and little satisfaction with how fast it breaks after receiving?

Either way, the ideas implemented by Nitecore are often among the ones most copied. They have made the molds others use time and time again. An example of that would be the rechargeable Thumb, a small light that has two buttons, one controls the white LED and the other controls the red or UV LED next to it. The Thumb is able to be carried on a keyring or in a pocket, with the head able to tilt.

An oldie that is still useful is the HC90, a headlamp with three colored LEDs next to the main one. With a soft headband and slider for mode controls, this rechargeable headlamp will see you through many trips.