With a goal of making sure no one goes without a light, Olight has made a multitude of high quality flashlights, lanterns and headlamps. Determined to make sure no one goes into the dark without help, they've pushed to get as wide a variety as possible. Nothing but the best is allowed from this maker.

Whether you're an outdoorsman, going on a hike or climb, or trying to find your way in a darkened building, the Wave series of headlamps is excellent for needing to use your hands on anything. The various Baton, Warrior, or Striker flashlights, however, are good choices for defending yourself with something hard and blunt. They're also bright enough to ward people off long enough to do so.

The Mini Intimidator and the rest of the Intimidator series are handy for first responders and search and rescue workers. Their high luminosity makes them portable searchlights. Illuminating the darkness while camping, hiking, spelunking, chasing bad guys, or any other dark environment. The Mavericks and i3S EOS are every day carry lights, the larger ones for if you just need to find something in that corner, and the smaller one can fit on your keyring.