Olight M2T Warrior - 1200 lumens - CREE XHP35 HD LED - 18650 x1 or CR123A x2

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Based off the M2R Warrior's design and construction, this M2T Warrior is a light without recharging features and batteries must be bought separately. But it keeps the dual switch set up. This light is more suited to use in tactical situations than most.

Among its accessories is a battery magazine for keeping 2 CR123As from rattling around inside the body. One 18650 is still the better choice for powering the M2T Warrior's XHP35 HD LED to shoot up to 1200 lumens out.


  • Three-in-one tail switch operation: momentary-on turbo (soft press); ON/OFF (medium press); momentary-strobe (deep press).
  • Exposed thumbnail sized tail switch for firm and easy operation.
  • Quiet tail switch with minimal noise for maximum concealability.
  • Faster strobe frequency: 13 cycles per second vs. 10 cycles per second in previous models.
  • Comfortable ergonomic knurling on the flashlight body and tail cap allowing the user to operate naturally without looking at the tail cap. Screwing the tail cap on or off is even easier due to increased friction of the tail cap knurling.
  • Slim head design, detachable pocket clip for both carry directions, and lanyard hole for an enhanced and comfortable user experience.


  • Output modes: 18650 (CR123A x2)
    LEVEL 1: 1200 lumens (~600lm)/3min (2h10min)(900 lumens {~600 lumens}/3min {1hr 25min})
    LEVEL 2: 600 lumens/2hr 20min (400 lumens/3hr)
    LEVEL 3: 250 lumens/6hr 15min (60 lumens/14hr)
    LEVEL 4: 60 lumens/20hr (15 lumens/42hr)
    LEVEL 5: 15 lumens/70hr (1 lumen/30 days)
    LEVEL 6: 1 lumen/30 days
  • LED: Cree XHP35 CW HD
  • Beam Distance: 640ft (195m)
  • Intensity: 9500cd
  • Waterproof: IPX8
  • Weight: 134g/4.73oz
  • Length: 130mm / 5.12in.
    Head Diameter: 25.4mm/1in.
    Body Diameter: 24.4mm/0.96in.

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