Ring selector flashlights

The user interface for changing the mode of a flashlight is one of the biggest differentiators of the different flashlights. One interface that is particularly intriguing is the selector ring. These handheld lights have knurled or crenelated rings that rotates around the body of the light to select the mode of the light. 

Jetbeam's Rapid Response Tactical line is an excellent series of flashlights. The RRTs are bright and sturdy lights that can stand up to almost any situation. Nitecore's SmartRing Tactical series is a forerunner in this boxing match, having more modes and situational options than most of the other lights in this category.

Pelican's MityLite is a pen light that is great for smaller areas. Jetbeam's RRT-26 has an alternating color strobe mode. And SUNWAYMAN's M60C offers the highest lumen count out of their magnetic ring selector lights.