Acebeam P15 - 1700 lumens - Luminus SFT40 LED - 18650 x1

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The P15 uses a new charging method to keep its included, customized 18650 3100mAh battery charged and ready for you to use at any time. The charger slides into the magnetic port, with a lock to keep it from detaching if the P15 is given a tug somehow. The power button inside the locking ring will let you switch between modes with a solid click.


  • 1.5A fast charging directly, a full charge after only 2.5 hours
  • Up to 1,700 lumens, long-range beam up to 330 meters
  • Specially customized 18650 rechargeable lithium battery (included), which is positive and negative in the same pole
  • High efficiency constant current circuit, circuit efficiency up to 95%, hardened dual AR coated lens, light transmittance up to 99%
  • Made of high strength aluminum alloy, premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • IPX8 waterproof (2 meters underwater) and designed for use in heavy rain
  • Impact-resistant of 1.5 meters, can survive accidental drops
  • Multi-functional modular design for everyday EDC lighting, as well as dedicated for tactical scenes


  • Output modes:
    • Ultralow: 2 lumens/35 days
    • Low: 45 lumens/37hr; 40m; 400cd
    • Mid: 200 lumens/8.5hr; 120m; 3,600cd
    • High: 600 lumens/2hr 45min; 200m; 10,000cd
    • Turbo: 1,700 lumens/1hr 45min; 330m; 27,225cd
    • Strobe
  • Dimensions: 130.7mm (Length) x 25.4mm (Head Diameter) x 23mm (Tube Diameter)
  • Weight: 98.8g (3.48oz); 151.5g (5.34oz)(w/battery)

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