About Us

A Quick History

Sitting in their favorite sports bar, three guys were talking about starting up a business but had no idea what to start with. One of them had their wallet out to pay, dropped his credit card, and grumbled as he started trying to fumble for it under the table. The other two were just laughing at m--his misfortune, as his phone had died sometime during dessert, depriving him of his go-to light source.

Cursing the fact he had no readily available flashlight for when his phone was either dead or just not right for the job, the three went on their merry way. The card dropper decided to look for a flashlight on the internet, and found that while there were vast amounts that would suit his newfound purposes, very few had reviews of any quality. An idea struck him.

Gathering together again, the two men listened to his suggestion. "Why don't we start up a flashlight business? I can't be the only one that drops things in dark places." The friends expanded on it from there, and Best Light went from an idea to a working store.

Now if only I could stop dropping things...

What Can We Do For You

We here at Best Light are aiming to do more than find lost credit cards. We want to go hiking, scuba diving, mountain climbing - and help you do the same. By supplying you with the right tools for illumination, you're given the opportunity to tell others what happened when that flashlight came into your home.

Did it make you a lottery winner? Probably not. But your trip would feel a lot less fun without it, being in darkness like that. A good flashlight can also do more than keep you from stumbling around. Seeing a hazard, such as an unstable boulder, a drop, an animal, or something else as dangerous could mean a difference between life, injury, and death.

We are constantly searching for the best light for each situation. We want to hear about your situation so we can help you find the perfect torch for your next adventure. Email us, tweet us, or strike up a conversation on Reddit, we want to talk to you.