Why Best Light instead of Amazon?

The primary reason is warranty. When something goes wrong with your light it will not be easy to get it fixed. This is a light that you spent your hard earned cash on and you expect it to last a long time. But it is a product made by humans which inherently means it is imperfect. If you happen to get “the one” then you will want to have the full benefit of the warranty. Most makes come with a five year warranty now. We will honor that warranty. Amazon gives you 1 year and when that warranty is completed they leave you to negotiate with the maker. This process can be long and tedious involving shipping your light to China. If you buy from Best Light, we will do our best to turn your broken light into a working light as quickly as we can because we know that every light we sell is important to the person that bought it.

We also promise to always be human. We will not automate our responses to your emails. We will send out automated emails to let you know your product has shipped or sending your receipt, but if you email us a question you will be responded to by a real live human. If you call, a human will answer unless we are sleeping, we need our beauty sleep, trust us on this.

Since we are human you can also negotiate with us. However, there are some lights that we just can't beat on Amazon. They sell flashlights below our cost and we can't make that sale. Sometimes we are feeling a little giving and will hook you up with a unique code that will bring the price down below Amazon. Send us an email or Tweet at us on Twitter and ask! If you have some big event and you want to buy multiple units we can work out a deal. If you want to create a big bundle, again we are willing to work out a deal.

Basically, you should buy from Best Light because we will always be human. We are members of the Reddit /r/Flashlight community and actively help people find the right light to fit their needs. Give us a try whether by email, Twitter, Reddit or even call us on the phone, we will answer.