AceBeam K70 - 2600 lumens - CREE XHP35 HI LED - 18650 x4

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In need of a light that can protect your property? Show off every bit of your property from the safety of your porch? The K70 is your best choice. It shoots a bright beam out to 1300 meters, showing off the little pinpricks in the bushes and letting you see if it is a deer or a coyote as if you were aiming the sun at them.

This is AceBeam's latest entry into the spotlight family. Their K60M is a beast in its own right, but they wanted to raise their game to the next level. The K70 truly is a monster flashlight, not in size, but in throw. You would think that a light this powerful would be massive, and you would be wrong. The K70 fits in your hand and is lightweight enough to carry around on a walk around the neighborhood or on your next hiking trip. If you need to see what's on the next ridge, this light will provide the means to illuminate over a kilometer away.

The K70 uses a CREE XHP35 HI LED which pushes out up to 2600 lumens and has an intensity of 422,000 candela. The glass is ultra-clear and has been given an anti-reflective coating. The reflector is large and smooth. All of these components combined create the perfect package for throwing light out 1300 meters. There are 6 brightness levels plus strobe. The lowest setting is 1 lumen and will last for 1200 hours. Next up is 70 lumens which will last for 75 hours. On the bottom side of the middle is 450 lumens which will last up to 12 hours and the high side of middle is 1000 lumens which will last 6 hours. This light on high is 1900 lumens which will last 3 hours. And finally Turbo mode cranks out 2600 lumens for 2 total hours. If you need to throw the light into Strobe mode and keep it there, it will last for 3 hours. This light has a Standby feature that sips at the battery while not illuminating the light. All of this is made possible by AceBeam's circuit board designed for maximum performance and extended battery life.

To achieve 2600 lumens for 2 hours requires some special batteries. You need to use high drain 18650 batteries to achieve top performance from this light. Most flashlights work on 4 volts, but the K70 requires 12-17 volts to push the light out to 1300 meters. While typical 18650 batteries will work, you will not see peak performance. Batteries are not normally included with the K70 but we do offer a packaged deal that comes with batteries.

The User Interface on this light is well thought out. You turn the light on and off via the tail switch and you switch modes via a selector ring that is between the head of the light and the body. Standby mode, which allows you to turn off the light without having to use the tail switch, is one of the choices on the selector ring. The ring clicks into place for which ever mode you choose. Turning the selector ring is light and easy, but won't budge unless you mean to change the mode.

The light is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has been given a type III hard anodization with an anti-abrasive finish. It can take an impact of up to 1.2 meters and is water proof and has been certified to IPX8 standard which is good for 2 meters underwater. The body is just big enough to hold 4 18650 batteries. The whole flashlight weighs-in at 590 grams without batteries. This K70 is a quality spotlight that produces monstrous amounts of light in a tiny package.

The K70 comes with a lanyard, some replacement O-rings and tailcap, a user manual and a pretty great holster. The holster is a high-quality nylon with hook-and-loop fasteners to keep the flap closed. You can attach it to your belt. The light weight of the light means you won't feel it tugging on you while you are walking around wearing it.

If you are looking for a flashlight to help you with Search and Rescue, hunting, or other outdoor activities, you should seriously consider the AceBeam K70. Be sure to also check out our different packages that includes the required high drain batteries. One keeps it in-house, AceBeam batteries for an AceBeam light. The other sends you 4 NCR18650s, able to give you the runtime and light output you require from the K70!

For a technical look at the K70 and what it can do, look to this Reddit post. The writer goes into detail on how the spotlight can use a couple different batteries, and recommends the MJ1 for use.


  • LED: Cree XHP35 High Intensity LED with a lifespan of 10+ years of runtime
  • Max 2600 lumens output using 4 18650 batteries
  • Output modes (selected by magnetic ring):
    • Level 1: 1 lumen/1200hr
    • Level 2: 70 lumens/75hr
    • Level 3: 450 lumens/12hr
    • Level 4: 1000 lumens/6hr
    • Level 5: 1900 lumens/3hr
    • Level 6: 2600 lumens/2hr
    • Standby: 65uA
    • Strobe: 2600 lumes/3hr
  • Working voltage: 12V - 17V
  • Max beam distance: 1300m
  • Peak beam intensity: 422000cd
  • Impact resistant: 1.2 meters
  • Waterproof: IPX8 Standard (2m)
  • Size: 206mm (length) x 88mm (head diameter) x 50mm (tube diameter)
  • Weight: 590g (without batteries)
  • Aircraft grade aluminum body structure
  • Premium type III hard anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Ultra-clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
  • Momentary forward click tactical switch
  • Smooth reflector for max light output
  • Tactical knurling for firm grip
  • Streamlined body design
  • Mechanical reversed polarity protection design for battery carrier
  • Intelligent highly efficient circuit board design for max performance and long runtime
  • Specially designed for Military, Law Enforcement, Self-defense, Hunting, Search & Rescue and other outdoor activities
  • Intelligent temperature controlled light output for user safety

Accessories include:

  • 1x user manual
  • 1x lanyard
  • 1x holster
  • 1x Replacement O-ring and tailcap boot

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