Fenix ALB-10 Bike Mount

Fenix ALB-10 Quick-Release Bike Mount

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Looking for the intensely bright light of a Fenix UC40UE but want a mountable option that a BT10 bike light has? Then look no further as we have the ALB-10 quick-release bike mount from Fenix! Using a unique split-style design for fast and easy release, this bike mount is user friendly. Featuring a versatile mounting system, this mount can be placed almost anywhere on your bicycle where you see fit and can withstand the elements. Rotate the mount to point where you want your light and light up the path in front of you! Fenix made this bike mount to last and endure, using only the highest quality materials and construction so you can keep riding at night.

This indestructible bike mount from Fenix is able to secure flashlights with body diameters between 0.7" and 1" (18mm and 26mm) and secures to handlebars with diameters between 0.86" and 1.37" (22mm and 35mm). Its rubber mats provide shock resistance and a secure grip. It is built to last through sunlight, wind, and rain for extended periods of time.

Manufacturer's page: ALB-10

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