Jetbeam DDC20 - 500 lumens - CREE U2 LED - CR123A x2 or 18650 x1

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Made as the first entry in the DD series to use an 18650, the DDC20 is no stranger to power and runtimes. Just the standard modes are able to show the human eye the differences between them. Your eye can optimally tell that a beam gets brighter or dimmer after the lumen count goes up or down by a multiplier of four. The DDC20 uses a Low mode of 10 lumens, lasting 60 hours, Medium is 100 lumens, ten times higher but lasting for 15 hours, and High is 500 lumens, five times Medium but only lasting 2 hours.

Jetbeam's DDC20 is machined from aerospace grade aluminum, with stainless steel used for the deep carry pocket clip, the bezel and the area around the power button and digital display. You can use either the said 18650, or two CR123A batteries to power the DDC20.


  • Manufacturer's page: Jetbeam DDC20
  • Adopts advanced Cree U2 LED
  • Advanced digital display system, under patent protection
  • Display output mode
  • Display battery power
  • Easy operation of side control switch
  • Waterproof to IPX8


  • Light source: Cree U2 LED
  • Battery: 2x CR123A/1x 18650
  • Output modes:
    High: 500 lumens/2hr
    Medium: 100 lumens/15hr
    Low: 10 lumens/60hr
  • Beam distance: 150m
  • Intensity: 5000cd
  • Circuit design: Constant current circuit, constant brightness
  • Working voltage: 3-8.4V
  • Body: Stainless steel and aerospace aluminum
  • Dimensions: 130mm (L) x 25mm (D)
  • Weight: 78g

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