Jetbeam EC26 - 3600 lumens - CREE XP-L HI LED - 18650 x1

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The EC26 is an EDC light that you can program at your own computer to have it working with a wide range of brightness starting at 3600 lumens and ending at 0.1 lumens. The included 18650 battery will keep the light running strong for hours, up to 50 days at the absolute lowest you can program. The standard configuration will dim automatically as the battery begins to use up power.


  • Uses 4x CREE XP-L HI LED, lifetime is over 50,000hr
  • Side switch and single hand hold
  • Multiple dimming modes for various applications or custom request thanks to Anduril UI and firmware (must be adjusted by you)
  • Battery anti-reverse protection circuits
  • Patent temperature control technology and overheating protection
  • Battery detection and temperature check meter function
  • High-transparency optical lens
  • High-strength aerospace aluminum alloy
  • HAIII hard-anodized finish
  • Magnetic tailcap can stick on metal surface for illuminating
  • Other functions: Sunset/Beacon/Candle/Storm/Strobe


  • Output modes:
    • High: 3600 lumens/2.9hr
    • Low: 0.1 lumens/50 days
  • Max Beam Distance: 268m
  • Max Beam Intensity: 17956cd
  • Impact Resistance: 1m
  • IP Rating: X8, waterproof to 2m
  • LED: 4x CREE XP-L HI
  • Reflector: Lens
  • Battery: 1x 18650
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 98m
    • Head Size: 30.8m
  • Weight: 75g (Excluding Battery)

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