Klarus XT21X Pro - 4400 lumens - 21700 x1

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The XT21X Pro is an upgrade to an old faithful that has been in use for years. This light uses an included 21700 5000mAh battery for power and is rechargeable, with the option to swap it out for an 18650 (sold separately) if you wish. Klarus's newest tailcap switch makes switching between modes and power control easy even through gloves while the body switch only cycles modes.


  • Output modes: 21700 (18650)
    • Turbo: 4400 lumens/2.5hr*; 336m; 19506cd
    • High: 1500 lumens/4hr (1200 lumens/2hr); 190m (172m); 7400cd
    • Medium: 400 lumens/9hr (5hr); 100m (99m); 2450cd
    • Low: 100 lumens/30hr (18hr); 50m (49m); 600cd
    • Moonlight: 5 lumens/200hr (125hr); 15m (11m); 30cd
    • Strobe: 4400 lumens/5hr (1200 lumens/2.5hr)
    • SOS: 100 lumens/65hr (63hr)
  • Impact Resistance: 1m
  • IP Rating: X8, waterproof to 2m
  • Input Voltage: 2.8-4.2V
  • Charging Currents: 5V/2A
  • Compatible Batteries: 21700 x1 OR 18650 x1 (must be inside included battery sleeve to fit)
  • Dimensions: 41mm x 29.2mm x 163mm
  • Weight: 171.5g (w/o battery)

* = Turbo runtime is calculated in laboratory setting. Actual runtime may vary.
* = Turbo mode is only available while 21700 batteries are installed.

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