Nitecore TIP 2 - 720 lumens - CREE XP-G3 S3 LED

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This keychain light is an upgrade to the excellent TIP, with a different body and form. This TIP 2 is meant to excel over its older brother, and it certainly does! Twice the lumens, LEDs, the TIP 2 has more to offer and use. The built-in battery is still rechargeable with the Micro-USB port.

The TIP 2 is given a hard-anodized finish after being CNC-machined, able to withstand 1m impacts and dips into water 1m deep. This light is also dustproof. Keeping the charging port covered will help keep it working for 5 years, at least.


  • Manufacturer's page: Nitecore TIP2
  • Dual-Core Magnetic Keychain Light
  • Utilizes 2x CREE XP-G3 S3 LEDs
  • Lightweight and rigid CNC-machined body
  • Utilizes a total reflective optic lens for uniform and soft light
  • Built-in 500mAh Li-ion battery
  • Built-in Li-ion battery charging circuit with a Micro-USB port
  • Advanced Power Cut-Off technology for an ultra-low parasitic drain
  • High-efficiency constant circuit provides stable output up to 55 hours
  • 2 user modes available (DEMO and DAILY modes)
  • Dual side switch design
  • 4 brightness levels available with direct access to Turbo
  • Intelligent mode memory function
  • Power indicator
  • Incorporated ATR module
  • HAIII hard-anodized finish
  • Magnetic tail design
  • IP67 and 1m impact-resistant rated


  • Output modes:
    Turbo: 720 lumens/15min*; 93m; 2160cd
    High: 200 lumens/1hr 15min; 48m; 580cd
    Mid: 30 lumens/8hr; 18m; 80cd
    Low: 1 lumen/55hr; 3m; 2cd
  • LED: CREE XP-G3 S3
  • Reflector: SMO
  • Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion
  • Dimensions:
    Length: 62.6mm/2.46in.
    Head Size: 26.9mm/1.05in.
  • Weight: 38.3g/1.35oz

* = Runtime tested without temperature regulation in Nitecore labs

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