Pelican 7060

Pelican 7060 - 164 lumens

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In a rare collaboration between public and private sectors, the City of Los Angeles Police Department™ (LAPD) has partnered with Pelican Products to develop the Pelican 7060 LED as the standard issue tactical/patrol flashlight for all its officers.

The Pelican 7060 LED light employs new dual switch technology that allows the light to be activated by either a body-mounted patrol switch or a tail-mounted tactical switch. The dual switches, which include a momentary mode and high/low beams, allows the user to grip the light in several positions and still control activation. The light incorporates a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for maximum brightness and is also lightweight compared to standard batteries.

Manufacturer's page: Pelican 7060
BODY: Xenoy
SWITCH TYPE: 3-way Side & Tail Switches (Momentary & On/Off)
MODES: On/Off/Momentary

  • 3.7v, 2200mAh Lithium-Ion x1
  • Charge time: 4-5h
  • Length: 8.65" (22cm)
  • Weight: 10.4oz (294g)
  • 164 lumens
  • Runtime: 2h 15m
  • Beam distance: 243m

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